To assist us in achieving our Mission Objectives, a Quality Assurance Manual has been developed which describes how the elements of the Quality System are implemented within Precision Cleaning Systems, insuring the precision cleaning process and preservation of cleanliness are in conformance with customer and contract requirements resulting in customer satisfaction and on time delivery of customer parts.  Our quality system is based on the requirements of the following:
ISO 9002
To further assist in achieving our objectives, a "process control traveler" follows all customer parts through every stage of the cleaning process.  The process control travelers are work instructions written and approved by the Quality Assurance Department for the processing of customer parts.  These instructions incorporate provisions for inspecting and verification testing to insure the end cleaned product has been processed in full compliance with customer and contract requirements.
Our well-defined Calibration System assures that all measuring and test equipment used in the processing of customer parts are regularly calibrated.  This calibration is directly traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T.).