Cleaning is necessary to remove undesirable contamination from part surfaces prior to service.  This contamination, if not properly and adequately removed, could cause chemical reactions and explosions, false readings of instruments, or inaccurate measurements which ultimately could result in a malfunction or total failure of the system or device.  Such deleterious contamination includes particulate contamination from machining, surface residue from manufacturing and assembly operations, lubricants, fibers, lint, and other foreign material not inherent to the part.

At Precision Cleaning Systems, cleaning processes are performed utilizing various methods, depending on the type and amount of contamination on the parts and the required level of cleanliness needed for a particular type of service.  Parts requiring to meet the most stringent cleanliness criteria are cleaned in our environmentally controlled cleanroom.  High purity solvents and solutions are synergized with various types of cleaning processes such as ultrasonics and jet spray to achieve the desired level of cleanliness.  These cleanliness levels cannot be obtained without a cleanroom.

Over 300 sq. ft. of custom built cleanroom area capable of meeting the cleanliness requirements of Class 100 of Federal Standard 209 (FED-STD-209).
High purity solvent cleaning.
High purity deionized water system.
All fluid media are pre-filtered and filtered at point-of-use.
Fully integrated ultrasonic cleaning system for aqueous and solvent cleaning
Solvent and deionized water flushing station.
High purity gaseous nitrogen purge stations.
Vacuum system and oven for drying of parts.